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Saturday, October 10, 2015
The Talented and Gifted School for Young Scholars is a unique educational community located in East Harlem, NY. It serves students identified with gifted abilities in grades K-8. One of three citywide Gifted and Talented schools in the city, ours is an un-zoned school that accepts applicants from all boroughs. Students must pass an admissions exam to gain acceptance, as per the gifted and talented admissions requirements set forth by the New York City Department of Education.

Our students' standardized exam scores are consistently strong, with 92% scoring at or above grade level in ELA and 97% in Math during the 2007-2008 school year. Our 8th graders take Regents exams in Science, Math, and Spanish and more of our 8th graders are gaining acceptance into Specialized High Schools than ever before.

Our school believes in planning curriculum and instruction based on many forms of data available on our student body. Differentiating curriculum and instruction is a practice that is becoming part of the fabric of our school culture.